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Kingdom Hearts Discussions

A place where you discuss KH!

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Welcome to Kingdom Hearts Discussions, where anyone can discuss (or even obsess XD) with Kingdom Hearts!

Kingdom Hearts does not belong to us, it is (c)Squaresoft. Any discussions can be made here, from obsessing to walkthroughs and help throughout the game. This community is also a non-hater, so if you're a KH hater, do the world a great big favor and drop dead, okay? :D You can discuss characters, get help from experts on LJ.

You can also request layouts from me, nikkithedevil. You can request in the community itself, or you can drop by my userinfo and journal to reuquest one. I'd rather you come to my journal. The request form is in my personal journal userinfo.

If anyone is harassing anyone or anything like that, please report it to the LJ admins, and to me. I will ban them from the community, and the LJ admins can ban them from LJ, if they like. Doesn't matter as long as the harasser(is that a word? o.o) is out of the community.

Any kind of discussions can be made here, just as long as they are Kingdom Hearts! I don't want anyone coming to this community to talk about applesauce or anything other than Kingdom Hearts!.

Join today, and you get a free popsicle of Sora's head! :D

RULES(What would the community be without them? Chaos?)

1) Respect each other
2) Respect the rules and the leader (ESPECIALLY the leader)
3) This is a Kingdom Hearts non-haters zone, so if you are a KH hater, please leave
4) You can discuss anything about Kingdom Hearts
5) Fighting is not allowed ;)
6) If you are requesting a layout, read nikkithedevil's userinfo for more information.
7) If you are requesting a layout here, that is fine but I rather you request in my journal
8) Again, respect each other and their feelings/opinions
9) Obsess with Kingdom Hearts however you like :D
10) Most important, HAVE FUN!

Kingdom Hearts is OMFG OBSESSIVE Love.

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