Nicole (bird_of_flame) wrote in kh_discussions,

Breaking the Ice

Well, since this board looks to be half-dead, why don't I try and get some form of conversation going, huh? I assume that everyone here has KH2 at this point, so why don't I start by asking this: how far are you guys at this point? Have you completed the journal yet? (Cause I  really need help with the stupid minigames!) What do you think about the story? Favourite characters? Come on people, let's get talking!

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*pokes the thread with a stick*

Finished the game on beginner mode! XD Sooooooo much love. I'm currently trying to help my roommate through Standard mode, as we're trying to get the secret ending. Most of everything is done, except the Hades Cup is giving us hell. Can't get past the last round yet!

I also want to try a game on Proud mode eventually, although I've heard it's frightening...
I know! I'm playing the game on Standard mode myself and I hate the Hades cup. Once Donald and Goofy leave, I'm as good as gone. I'm very afraid of Proud mode... very afraid... :-s

[points at your icon] I love that part! It's so cute!
Beat it on standard and have been playing it on Proud mode. As for completeing the journal, I really haven't worked on it. I saw the video at a friends house though, completely awesome.

As for favorite character: Ansem the Wise/DiZ. Beyond a doubt, the whole martyr scenario and his speeches about the heart were awesome. I'm more of a plot/dialogue than game person, so it's obvious why I chose Ansem isntead of someone like Sora or Riku XP